Tree Of Knowledge
International Corp.
Science and Knowledge of Cannabinoid Medicine

Our Mission

TOK is on a vital mission to help thousands of ailing people world-wide with our unparalleled commitment to quality, innovation, and ethics.

Our Vision

TOK aims to enhance: the quality of life of patients with our products, the mutual growth of our business partners worldwide, and ultimately, the financial success of our shareholders.

Our Brand

TOK is focused on developing and delivering the highest quality, most transparent CBD-based products for a growing wholesale and consumer market.

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Consumer Products

EVR CBD was founded in 2015 in Spokane, WA with the purpose of creating the finest quality CBD Hemp Oil in the world. It started when co-founder Brian Main began using CBD after a serious car accident. Though skeptical at first, Brian was blown away by the results, realizing that CBD would surely help out many others in similar situations. In May 2015, Brian and his business partner and friend, Michael Caridi, founded EVR CBD. EVR CBD now sells CBD Hemp Oil to customers in the United States, Europe, South America, and Australia. EVR CBD hopes to be the world’s most trusted source. The passage of Farm Bill in the US created a new era in Hemp CBD trade. TOK is well positioned to be a leader in this market through its high-quality CBD products and a well-established network of distribution.

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Research and Development

Tree of Knowledge's Research and Development department is a Canadian based, private healthcare company with two core business segments: The operation of multidisciplinary specialty pain clinics; and Medical cannabis education, research, product development/formulations, and best practices. The Company’s flagship operating banner is the Toronto Poly Clinic Inc. group of specialty pain clinics. Toronto Poly Clinic has multiple research agreements with major universities on different Medical Cannabis projects for gathering real scientific data, evaluate effects on various diseases and developing new formulation and delivery methods. The recent partnership with the Jack Nathan Medical Inc., that operates 72 clinics in 6 provinces will lead to an affiliate clinic expansion program, and the implementation of a nationwide platform of medical cannabis education, research and best practices, represents new but compelling research and development opportunity for TOK.

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Clinical Testing

Tree Of Knowledge is a technology holding, research, and development firm, established to take advantage of numerous opportunities. TOK will take a world-leading position in the analytical testing, and development of plant-derived cannabinoid therapeutics through vertically integrated production capability - GMP facility, with Site license and Drug Establishment License to produce cannabis extracts, cosmetic, food and beverages, natural health products, and medications.

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Co-Branded Products

Tree of Knowledge is co-branding with various companies to bring the consumer the best possible cannabidiol products. Click below to read all about our co-branded products.

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Our Team Of Dedicated Leaders

Tree of Knowledge consists of a highly dedicated and qualified team of leaders. We encourage you to read more about us.

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